Corpus Christi
Primary School, Moyross

School Enrollment Policy

  • Equality of access is the fundamental value determining the enrollment of children in Corpus Christi Primary School. No child is refused admission for reason of special needs, disability, gender, traveler status, asylum seeker/refugee status, religious or political beliefs and values or social circumstances.
  • While the Board of Management of Corpus Christi School recognized the rights of parents to enroll their child(ren) in the school of their choice, the Board of Management has a responsibility to respect the rights of the existing school community and in particular the children already enrolled. Because of this, the Board of management using balanced judgement and guided by principles of natural justice and acting in the best interests of all children reserves the right to determine the maximum children in each class bearing in mind the DES maximum pupil/teacher ratio, the available space in the classrooms, the educational needs of children of a particular age and the presence of children with special educational/behavioral needs.
  • Parents wishing to enroll their child(ren) in Junior Infants in Corpus Christi Primary School are asked to fill out a registration form and return it to the school office.
  • Children have to be at least four years of age on the 30th September before they are accepted in Corpus Christi Primary School.
  • The names of children who have returned a completed registration form will be placed on the class waiting list.
  • In the event of the children seeking enrollment in any given class exceeding the number of places available, the following criteria will be used to prioritize children for enrollment.
  • Brothers and sisters including step-siblings and foster siblings resident at the same address of children already enrolled.
  • Children living within the parish.